Higher sales revenue
Deeper market penetration
Stronger customer relationships
Longer contracts

The business dilemma

To be successful in winning high value strategic business you will need to put your best people on it. People who understand how to manage the process, have the specific industry knowledge and experience and a proven track record of closing the business to the benefit of all parties. They will need to be skilled in building solid cohesive relationships with your potential customer and be able to respond quickly and professionally to their needs. They will know how to identify the real opportunity, the real decision criteria, and how to manage obstacles that prevent the sale moving forward to its conclusion. Such people do not come cheap and there is a high cost of running professional salespeople who already have an established network of contacts in your industry sector. In addition, you are reliant on them achieving their numbers every quarter to justify what is likely to be one of the biggest cost centres in your company. But what if the sales person fails to do his or her numbers? There will little or no return on your investment. Even if you call it a day you are still facing the high cost of recruitment and the dead time while the new salesperson gets up to speed, not to mention the cost of any guaranteed commission periods while they do.

What if there was another way?

Sound Marketing Solutions can provide:

  • An experience IT Sales Professional with 30 years of experience managing and closing high value business.
  • Enhanced business opportunities as a result of our existing relationships.
  • Strategic account management services all the way through until the order is placed.
  • Complete confidentiality that we will not share your business interests with anyone else.
  • Exclusivity. We are not brokers: we work exclusively for one client in each opportunity so that the customer is only presented with a solution from your company.

  • Neil Ferguson
    Neil Ferguson

    Neil Ferguson has worked in the IT industry for more than three decades. He has been recognised on many occasions as the Top Performing salesperson worldwide in his long career working for several international corporations. His customer base has included many well-known companies winning deals at the highest levels - Barclays, HSBC, Ove Arup, British Airways, IBM, Hewlett Packard. For the last 6 years Neil has worked as an agent for a small number of clients managing nominated sales projects which are either business critical or represent high revenue sales values. Often this has been as a result of an existing relationship between Neil and the end user customer and is business which has been specifically introduced as an opportunity to the sales client by Neil. Sound Marketing clients benefit from Neil’s extensive industry knowledge, refined sales skills and access to his network of business relationships. In return Sound Marketing is paid a percentage fee when the opportunity is secured and the order is placed. There’s no catch - if Neil doesn’t win the business for the client Sound Marketing does not raise an invoice.

    Engagement options

    Whether it is for a start-up company or territory, targeted Client name, or new sales channel, Neil can engage with you in whichever way best suits your business objectives. Engagements can be on a referral basis; time-specific; market- specific; product-specific, or opportunity-specific. Tell us what you need!
    If you would like to talk to Neil about using his skills to help achieve your revenue or market objectives, please email neil[at]soundmarketing.co.uk

NO Basic salary, expenses, and commission on sales
NO Employer contributions to National Insurance
NO Pension fund contributions
NO Death in service benefits
NO Medical Insurance and car allowance
NO Paid holidays, maternity and sick leave