Bespoke Marketing Plan

Creating Incremental Revenues
Maximising the value of each customer you create

On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase and even more if you can inspire them to become advocates for your business.

Sound Marketing has developed tried and tested marketing strategies that focus on your existing customers to ensure repeat business from them. We get your customers to actively promote your products and services to their family and friends, work colleagues and neighbours. We focus on the things that you can do for yourselves without the use of expensive advertising campaigns or discounts that immediately eat into your profit margins. Sound Marketing works with you to create an on-going Marketing programme that delivers a growing customer base.

Using Sound Marketing methodologies, the aim is to create incremental revenues from an established and growing clientele who view you as their preferred supplier. During our process we will identify and rationalise your real markets, examine your current products and services, review your pricing strategy, calculate your existing market penetration and determine how well you measure up to your competitors. All this enables us to create a Marketing Mix that works while setting your customers at the centre of your business.